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The League of Gentlemen have won numerous awards over the past few years and some of those award ceremonies have been shown on Television. Below is a summary of the ceremonies that were given TV coverage, along with quiz shows that the Gents have appeared on.

The Q Awards 2003 - It certainly is Ronnie
Jeremy, Mark and Steve presented the award for Classic Song Writers of the Year to Dexy's Midnight Runners at the 2003 Q Awards. Steve wore a snazzy purple shirt and Jeremy went for the rock'n roll look with a black leather jacket and designer stubble. Mark wore a lovely brown leather jacket and matching beaded necklace, but that's enough fashion reporting, go see the screenshots. You can read a short transcript below thanks to Jules - who transcribed the Gents' part:

Jeremy: It's a privilege, it really is - to present this 'Classic Song Writers Award', isn't it Mark?
It certainly is Ronnie and I don't know what Jackie Wilson would say, but lets have a look at the winners in action...
A Clip of Dexy's Midnight Runners
Steve: The 'Classic Song Writers' for this year - Dexy's Midnight Runners! And to accept this award on their behalf, please go mad for Kevin Rowland!
Kevin Rowland goes on stage and they all shake hands and clap.

See screenshots of the Q Awards


Kerrang! Awards 2003 - Why Busted weren't nominated, I have no idea
The Kerrang! Awards 2003 were hosted by Radio 1 presenters Edith Bowman and Colin Murray. Reece and Steve took to the stage to present the 'Best Video' award to Electric Six for 'Gay Bar'. Both gents were dressed in suitably grunge attire. Reece slipped in a sly Papa Lazarou impersonation and Steve joked about why Busted hadn't been nominated. The transcript is as follows:

Colin: To present the award, please welcome all the way from Royston Vasey, it is The League Of Gentlemen!
Edith: Rock on!
Reece:  Hello Dave! (Steve opens his jacket to show pretend pegs) (Cheering)
: And the nominees for 'Best Video' are...
Clips of nominees: Electric Six, Audioslave, Murderdolls, Marilyn Manson, Foo Fighters
Steve: Ok. Why Busted weren't nominated, I have no idea.
Reece smiles and looks to the audience with raised eyebrows
Steve: But the winner is - and I think you're going to like it at the back - Electric Six and Gay Bar!
Electric Six come onto the stage to receive the award and shake hands with Reece and Steve.

Throughout the programme there were lots of clips showing behind the scenes antics, including one of Steve and Reece standing in a group near a trashed table with Steve shouting "We're famous!" Near the end of the show the two Gents were also shown happily posing for photographs with Electric Six.


More screenshots of the Kerrang! Awards


The South Bank Show Awards - Gentlemen's Relish
The Gents could proudly hold two fingers up to their critics when Series Three won 'Best Comedy' at The South Bank Show Awards. They conquered the likes of well-known stand-up comedians Omid Djalili and Daniel Kitson to scoop the award. As Reece said on Liquid News: "It's nice to win a posh award!" Reece was first on stage to accept the award from Meera Syal and delivered their acceptance speech:

"Thank you, thank you very much. Erm, we're all a bit shocked I think. We worked very hard on our third series, it's very difficult to keep - as everyone knows - thinking of funny things. So, er, thanks very much, you've really honoured us today and we're very proud of this. Thank you."

See the screenshots of the Awards


Kerrang! Awards 2002 - Marilyn Manson Vs Jez and Steve
Jeremy Dyson and Steve Pemberton were given the esteemed task of presenting an award to Marilyn Manson at the 2002 Kerrang! Awards. Luckily for them Marilyn couldn't make it, although he did send a rather lovely message. The best quote from the evening was Steve's: "Hello young people!" Said whilst making the devil horn sign. And he later commented: "Oh, you make us feel so old." For the fashion conscious elite - Jeremy was wearing a funky psychedelic shirt and Steve was sporting a peculiar amount of designer stubble. Rock on!



The Q Awards 2002 - Shawadawadi!
Jeremy, Mark, Steve and Reece were all on hand to present Radiohead with their 'Best Act in the World' award at the 2002 Q Awards. The comedy duo Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish presented the awards show and here's a transcript:

Adam: Ok, it's time for the final award. Ladies and gentlemen - it's the 'Best Act in the world today'.
Joe: To present the award, ladies and gentlemen, possibly the best comedy act in the world today. Please show your appreciation for The League Of Gentlemen!
Jeremy, Steve, Mark and Reece walk on stage to the podium.
Mark: We're the rest of So Solid. (Laughter) Well, the nominations are...
Clips of the nominations: Oasis, Radiohead, U2, Stereophonics and Coldplay
Mark: And the winner is... Shawadawa- Radiohead!
Radiohead collect their award and shake hands with TLoG



Call My Bluff - Mr Gatiss plays the word game
Mark Gatiss was a guest on the BBC Quiz Show 'Call My Bluff' in 2000. For those who are not familiar with the show, the basic premise is that there are two teams of three people and a quiz host (
Bob Holness) who reveals an obscure word from the Dictionary. One team, then reads out three definitions for the word (two of which are a lie) and the other team has to guess the correct answer. Mark was on Sandi Toksvig's team along with ex-Eastender Kevin Richards. Sandy introduced him by saying: "he's listed two of his skills as fencing and a Geordie accent." Unfortunately Mark's team lost the game show with 2 points to 4. Here are some of the definitions that Mark gave:

Mark's bluff definition of a Sarpanch...

Louis Manhattan had one. Sabu didn't. Sid James definitely did but he had to share his with Joan Sims, because a Sarpanch is one of those very elaborate saddles that they used to put on elephants in the days of the Raj. Now, it was much prized by the Maharaja and is often made of beaten gold, copper, silver. And it is not to be confused with it's puerperal cousin the 'howdah', which is also what Fred Dinage used to say to his father when he came home from Anglia TV. So a sarpanch is an elephant saddle but a very elaborate one.

The bluff definition of Brumaire...

Brumaire is in fact a term used in French Steeple Chase. They often (French touts) like the look of a filly, but they know it's pretty alarmed at the size of the hurdles and hedges that it's going to have to negotiate, so they give it brumaire; which is basically acclimatisation. They start with a little hurdle and they build to a big hurdle. It takes a series of months to get over it until eventually, if it doesn't work, they eat the horse.

Mark's correct definition of Illaqueation...

It's five thirty on a Saturday afternoon and the Television announcer tells you that Tom & Jerry are coming on. You're obviously elated, just what you need at this time of the afternoon - serious violence. You start to think 'which one will it be?' The one where the little French mouse comes to stay? The one where Tom falls in love with the sexy lady cat and starts speaking like Charles Boyer? Any number of things. And then your heart sinks because it's one of those horrible modern ones. The animation's all scratchy, they're playing jazz and they're talking to each other - it's not even produced by Fred Quimby! So you start to get a panic attack. Your heart palpitates, your palms sweat and you are suffering from an illaqueation - a feeling of irrational panic.



Bafta Awards - Series 1 beats Dinnerladies!
On the 14th of May 2000, it was a proud moment for Jeremy, Mark, Steve and Reece, as they picked up their BAFTA for 'Best Comedy Programme or Series' from Rory Bremner. Reece practically bounced out of his seat with surprised glee as they made their way to the stage. Reece arrived at the palladium first, but it was Mark who delivered their acceptance speech:

"This is really for everyone who worked on our series - Steve Bendelack, Sarah Smith, Eve Barr, Grendel Horner, Vanessa White, Helen Barratt, all their teams. And, er, thanks to everyone for making it a success. But most of all, sorry Steve's not here because he's had a little arrival and this is really for Lucas Pemberton, he arrived yesterday. Thank you very much indeed."

See the screenshots of the Awards

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