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The Cicerones - I haven't the time
This 12 minute short film was directed and produced by Jeremy Dyson, and stars Mark Gatiss as a middle-class English traveller searching for the painting 'Lazarus Raised'. It is a slow moving film that gradually builds an eerie atmosphere as the tension mounts and the young gentleman enters a grand cathedral full of unsettling spectres. The odd array of strange and ghostly characters contrasts well against the stoic innocence of the English traveller. Visually, the washed out colours combine to give a wraithlike effect and the greys and blues of the lighting work especially well. The music was composed by League favourite Joby Talbot and sounds slightly Celtic with an eastern lilt. Based on the short story by Robert Aickman (whom Jeremy Dyson greatly admires) this short film is perhaps not as frightening or fast-paced as one would have hoped, but Jeremy Dyson does manage to fashion his own unique slant on the traditional ghost story.

The Cicerones was screened as part of the 'Darkness Over Britain' event at Manchester Cornerhouse and both Jeremy and Mark were there to introduce the short film. Numerous fans managed to get tickets to the screening and Tara took a photo of Jeremy and Mark on stage. There are a couple of reviews in the Articles section and a detailed plot synopsis is available, courtesy of Tara.

The Cicerones recently aired on Channel 4 and was shown on the digital channel FilmFour during Christmas 2002.


More screenshots from the film


Birthday Girl - Too much ack-ting
Mark, Steve and Reece each appeared (albeit briefly) in this Romantic Comedy starring Nicole Kidman as the Russian mail-order bride who is sent to the hapless Englishman John (Ben Chaplin). The film explores the consequences of this strange pairing with humorous intention, the dubious Russian accents providing unintentional comedy. Ben Chaplin's portrayal of the film's flawed hero brings a human element to film as he is particularly endearing. The film was released in July 2002 and is rated 15 in the UK, it is now out on Video and DVD. But what do the Gents do in the film? Well, Reece and Steve both have speaking parts but Mark only appears fleetingly through a window as a porter. Their scenes have been transcribed below:

1) Steve plays a police officer (Duty Sergeant to be precise).

INT - Police Station. This is about 55 minutes into the film. John and Sophia sit on a bench in the waiting area. John straightens his tie nervously: A phone rings.
Duty Sergeant: (To woman at the duty desk) All right. Would you like to give me some details, love?
Sophia: (In hushed, angry tones) Where's the toilet? I'm going to be sick, I'm going to the toilet? I AM, I'm going to be sick.
John: No, you're not! Nice one... how stupid do you think I am?
Sophia: (To desk Sergeant) Where's the toilet?
Duty Sergeant: The what, love?
Sophia: Where's the toilet?
Desk Sergeant: Oh... er... through that door, up the stairs and it's just on the left.

2) Reece plays a Porter in a Hotel.

INT: Check-in desk/Hotel. This is about 72 minutes into the film. John has just been talking to the concierge. A porter walks in, whistling, carrying a portrait photograph of the concierge and hangs it behind the desk.
John: Excuse me. Two Russians are staying here. Do you know which floor they're on?
Porter: Yes, I know which floor they're on.
John: (Takes a banknote out of his pocket and holds it) And um... which floor would that be?
Porter: (Taking the banknote) We've only got one floor.

3) Finally, there is Mark who is fleetingly visible through a window as a porter.



This Year's Love - Man in Bar
The only good thing in this mediocre excuse for a film is Reece's blink-and-you'll-miss-it part of 'man in bar'. He even gets to say a line! And here it is:

Roger is sitting at a bar looking down dejectedly. Two men are sat next to him mumbling a conversation. Roger starts gargling and burps, the men turn to stare at him.
Roger: She's not going to come.
Man in Bar: (To his friend, sarcastically) I can't imagine why.

See, it's good isn't it. But even more exciting are these screenshots from Gemz:



P.R.O.B.E - I AM Isaac Greatorex
During the mid-1990's Mark Gatiss collaborated with the sci-fi production company BBV (run by Bill Baggs) to create a sci-fi/Dr Who spin-off series known as P.R.O.B.E. Mark Gatiss wrote and starred in the P.R.O.B.E series which consists of four films: The Zero Imperative, The Devil of Winterborne, Unnatural Selection and Ghosts of Winterborne. Reece Shearsmith also starred in two of the films - the second and fourth films to be precise.

The series has been described as the 'British X-Files', which is laughable at best. But however crap and low-budget they are, the P.R.O.B.E films are now legendary in LoG fandom and are a must have for fans (there's even a drinking game)! So if you don't already own the videos then go buy them now, then sit back and revel in the wonder of Winterborne!

The Zero Imperative  The Devil of Winterborne  Unnatural Selection  Ghosts of Winterborne

More screenshots of the films

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