On June 13th 2000, Reece Shearsmith appeared on 'Soundtrack to My Life', which aired on UK Play. The programme is about celebrities choosing songs that they feel would go on the soundtrack to a movie of their life. Here is what Mr Shearsmith chose...

Childhood - The Funky Gibbon (The Goodies)
One of Reece's earliest memories was choking on Monster Munch whilst sitting on the back of his younger brother's Chopper bike. There was also a strong smell of Dettol permeating his entire childhood, as he was "quite a violent child" and always seemed to be getting scraps and bruises. Reece chose 'The Funky Gibbon' as his tune because he remembers loving it as a child.

Teenage - Close To Me (The Cure)
By the time Reece embarked on his teen-ages (as Herr Lipp would say) he was a pretty macabre teenager and had already developed a penchant for horror. He and his Dad once tried to make a plaster cast of his face; Reece had two straws sticking out of his nose so he could breathe and a sponge in his mouth. Unfortunately the cast turned out to be rubbish and they would have had "better luck making a cast of an apple". Reece chose 'Close To Me' as his song because he remembers playing that kind of music in his 6th form centre and he liked Robert Smith's lips, although according to Reece: "he doesn't have as nice a lips as me."

Love Scene - Stuck In The Middle (Stealer's Wheel)
For Reece's love scene he would like to be set on fire. The reason being that when he had his first kiss, the girl he kissed was "a pretty heavy smoker for a 14 year old" and she burned a hole through his shirt and burnt him. Reece's ideal leading lady would be Julie Christie as he thinks she is "staggeringly beautiful". The song chosen for this scene is 'Stuck In The Middle' because during a tour in Germany Reece's friend Rick sent him the soundtrack to Reservoir Dogs and it was during this tour that his current girlfriend fell in love with him.

On the Dole - National Express (Divine Comedy)
After graduating from college, Reece ditched the make-up and special effects for life as an actor. He went to London to try and find work, but didn't for many years. He and his friend Robert lived in a dingy flat where they scraped enough money together to buy a tub of margarine - "not to smear on our bodies though." They used to partake in a daily ritual of putting stuff down to try and combat the ants that lived in the flat with them. Reece's choice of tune for this time in his life is 'National Express' because it cheers him up whenever he's feeling miserable.

Big Break - Dizzy (Vic Reeves and the Wonderstuff)
After years and years of performing 'The League of Gentlemen' on stage, he and the other Gents decided to go to the Edinburgh Festival in 1997 where they went on to win the coveted Perrier Award. Reece picked 'Dizzy' because Reeves and Mortimer have always been a big influence for him. He remembers going to a signing in HMV and getting his copy of 'Born Free' signed. Upon meeting Vic, Reece said: "Vic Reeves - you're a marvel!" To which Vic replied: "Oh, thank you very much."

Final Scene - Bachelorette (Bijork)
For his closing scene Reece would like a huge custard pie throwing fight, as he thinks this is a traditional "comedic ending" and one that was influenced by the Mel Brooks film 'Blazing Saddles'. He would like the last track to be Bachelorette because he likes the way the video is a story within a story - just like the movie of his life would be.

Screenshots of Reece's appearance


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