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Aside from starring in The League Of Gentlemen; Jeremy, Mark, Steve and Reece have also appeared in numerous non-LoG related programmes (well they do have bills to pay). Listed below are brief summaries of the Gents' appearances.

100 Greatest Scary Moments - It grew organically like a mould in a dish
All four of the Gents appeared on this Channel 4 programme listing the top 100 scary moments from television and film. The League of Gentlemen's Christmas Special made it in at number 24, just ahead of Buffy and Jam! The Shining was crowned the top scary moment and all four Gents discussed there favourite horror moments. Mark explained that children are terrified of the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang because "it's a distillation of all childhood fears." Jeremy talked about the works of Nigel Kneale, including the classic Quatermass. Reece apparently used to love watching Ghost Watch on the television, and Steve said that whenever he watched the Wicker Man he wanted "police helicopters to fly in and rescue Edward Woodward." You can read a transcript of what the Gents had to say about the Christmas Special, courtesy of Jules:

Reece: It was never our intention to emerge as the dark princes of comedy and do 'black humour' I mean, we only ever wrote what we thought was funny, to ourselves.

Mark: We were always trying to get a kind of gothic quality, because I think that's what we thought we had in our lives, growing up in the north - these places which are very grim and grey a lot of the time but some of the people are really quite fantastical and freakish.

Jeremy: Well it wasn't one idea for The League of Gentlemen, it grew organically like mould in a dish.

Steve: I think horror runs through the through the blood of The League of Gentlemen.  For us it was important that it was genuinely scary as well as genuinely funny.

Reece: Certainly the most kind out out and out creepy character we've probably got, and it was deliberately conceived that way I think, is Papa Lazarou. Steve and I used to share a flat together and the landlord was called Peter Papa Lazarou, that's where its from. And he spoke like that, that was his voice. He'd ring up and leave messages:

(Papa Lazarou voice) "Hello Steve?"
"No, do you wanna speak to..."
"I wanna speak to Steve."

Steve: Papa Lazarou is so frightening because its like something from your nightmare as a child.

Mark: Well the bit that really does it I think is the little girl screaming between the banisters and then Reece just going (does mad impression of Reece as Papa Lazarou), menacing the little girl. It's absolutely terrifying! I watched it in kind of isolation I remember and I was thinking "what is that!? what have we done?" (laughing)

See screenshots of the 100 Greatest Scary Moments


Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe Ever - What is wrong with people?!
First thing's first, this is not the same as the 50 Greatest Magic Tricks. Honest guv, they're completely different! What do you mean Channel 5 just re-hashed together all of the same information from Channel 4's offering and nicked the same guests who then provided the same insights? You cynical heathens. Just go and read what Reece had to say about David Copperfield's famous Saw Trick:

Reece: It's really dramatic and it's brilliant. It's one of the best magic tricks there is to see - as a magician - because it's what you a want to see... you just want to see someone get chopped in half.



Eurostar Adverts - Mon Cherie
Mark was lucky enough to land the part of 'man who is in love with Eurostar' in the company's recent series of television adverts. The first advert aired in October 2002 and showed a male passenger running through the train station in a desperate bid to catch his sweetheart. We are led to believe it is a beautiful woman, only to find at the last minute that he is actually infatuated with a Eurostar train. The man shouts "Mon Cherie!" and runs towards the train, gently running his palm over the train's exterior whilst planting kisses all over it's surface. The police catch the man just as he is trying to mount and hump the train. At least two more adverts aired following this one and they showed Mark contentedly asleep in his Eurostar seat and wistfully remembering the fine aesthetics of the train.



50 Greatest Magic Tricks - Doin' me magic and me tricks
It's no secret that Jeremy Dyson and Reece Shearsmith are both aspiring magicians in their spare time - so when Channel 4 decided to compile a list of the 50 greatest magic tricks, Jeremy and Reece agreed to appear on the programme. Jeremy revealed a genuine admiration for magic tricks such as 'The Zigzag Lady', which he believes is "undoubtedly one of the greatest tricks of all time" and Reece's comments were very funny. You can read some of them below:

Jeremy: 'Death Dive' is absolutely stunning. It's like the start of Moonraker, only better because it hasn't got Jaws in it.

Reece: It's a good illusion. It's like Emperor Ming at the end of Flash Gordon. It's always great to watch someone get a massive drill through them.

Jeremy: That electric chair trick is brilliant, and I so much wanted to learn how to do that when I saw it. I spent weeks trying to work it out, you know, was he giving them a shock? Was there a kind of remote controlled pin going up their bums?

The Gents get squeamish at the sight of The Amazing Orchante swallowing a ball of string and pulling it out of his stomach...

Jeremy: How are you doing that? What have you done? Have you gone in there a week before and made an incision and surgically put it in there. Or are you actually doing it, which is even worse.
Reece: (Sounding like a disgusted mother) Don't do that! You're going to get peritinutus and die if you keep doing things like that.

Discussing the magician who shoots an apple balanced on his wife's head, whilst blindfolded. The magician's wife rings a bell and stands behind him, then he fires a crossbow and hits the apple...

Reece: Just a bell, to say where I am. How can that be? Imagine someone ringing a bell behind you, and you're thinking "right, I know exactly now where the top of their head is." No you don't! You just know that there's a man behind you ringing a bell! You don't even know if it's a man!


More screenshots of 50 Greatest Magic Tricks


Top 100 Greatest TV Characters - Tubbs makes it in at number 16!
Tubbs Tattsyrup is now officially one of Britain's best loved TV characters - or at least that's what the Channel 4 list of the top 100 greatest television characters proved. Yes, Tubbs was voted in at number 16. Steve and Reece featured on the programme and Steve was wearing a particularly fetching self-promoting 'Dolescum' jumper. The duo commented on the 1970's character Keith Pratt and then went on to speak about the origins of Tubb's bizarre nature.

They began their comments with an anecdote of filming the sketch from Series One that has Tubbs dancing around completely starkers, Steve remembers having to "dancing naked... and slap my arse." The usual story of TLoG going into a local shop in Brighton was retold by Reece and the word local was mentioned as an established catchphrase. The writer Stuart Maconie observed that "local doesn't mean 'quite near where you live' anymore, local now means weird and sinister. They've changed the meaning of a word in the English Language." I'm sure the Gents would take that as a compliment.



I Love the 1970's - Nostalgia Bites
Both Mark and Reece appeared on the I Love the 1970's Documentary Series discussing numerous objects of 70's nostalgia. Reece and Mark were featured in I Love 1970 when they rode around on Chopper bikes and Mark talked about the Banana splits in the programme I Love 1971. Reece also appeared in I Love 1974 where he remembered that Action Man had had skin like a condom, and the famous summer of 1976 was remembered for it's Fab and Rocket ice-lollies. Numerous snippets from the programmes have been transcribed:

Mark: "1971 I can remember very, very well because I had a Birthday party and I had a pirate hat, and Francis Cameron turned up with the same one and I was very upset. But I can remember that the 'Banana Splits' was on because we all stopped to watch it. The 'Banana Splits' was like from the height of that kind of mad television. We were brought up - Saturday mornings - with a kind of Second World War by proxy with Arthur Askey films and Flash Gordon. We had the childhood of our parents and then suddenly things like this would drop in."
(Discussing the Banana Splits)

Mark: "It was an era of great optimism, and the Space Age was reflected in the ice lollies. They were all so great - the zoom lolly, the Fab with the speckles on it."
(Remembering the long hot summer of 1976 and ice lollies)

Reece: "My cousin had one and she was called Miss Selfridge. It was the Internet of the day."
(Talking about CB radios)


Dr Who Night - Dok-tor!
Mark Gatiss and fellow Dr Who fan (sorry, enthusiast) David Walliams fulfilled their fan-boy fantasies by filming three short Dr Who sketches as part of the BBC's Dr Who Night in 1999. There are transcripts of all three sketches (the first two transcribed by Sarah): The Pitch of Fear, The Web of Caves and The Kidnappers.

The first sketch is a spoof of an imaginary meeting held between a BBC Executive (Mark Gatiss) and the person pitching Dr Who (played by David Walliams). It is - as Mark stated in a recent interview - "the contentious one". The second sketch is a classic monochrome Dr Who adventure with Mark playing the Doctor and David Walliams and Paul Putner playing some rather incompetent and endearingly courteous aliens. Both being the keen Dr Who 'enthusiasts' that they are, Mark and David were desperate to play the Doctor, but in the end it was Mark who lucked out and donned a cravat and curly wig. The final sketch - titled 'The Kidnappers' - delves into the crazy world of extreme fandom and features an ill-fated Peter Davison. This last sketch was particularly gratifying for Mark as he was able to ask David if it would be alright to "kiss Peter?"


See more screenshots from Dr Who Night


Alexei Sayle's Merry-go-round - Philip Arthurs
This BBC programme, broadcast in 1998, was presented by celebrated comic Alexei Sayle and directed by Spaced director Edgar Wright. The programme flaunted Sayle's trademark blend of dark realism and comic absurdity with the story of a bomber in the Second World War who is famous for writing a pen-pal message on the side of a bomb. The bomber (Philip Arthurs) was played by Reece and here is a transcript of his part:

Alexei Sayle: (Walking through a field) During the Second World War, bomber crews used to chalk messages on the sides of their bombs. Things like 'Up yours Adolph!' and 'Stick this up your girdle!' But perhaps the most famous message of all was written on April the 17th 1943 by forward Gunner, Philip Arthurs.

EXT - Daytime. Outside a Second World War Aerodrome in England. Philip Arthurs is lying on a blanket writing on the side of a bomb using chalk.
(Speaking aloud as he writes) 'Are there any Germans out there, interested in football? Especially Tottenham Hotspur... (thinks a moment)... and Rambling. Reply guaranteed. Philip Arthurs, Biggin Hill Aerodrome, UK. Please send photo.' (Taps the bomb lightly and looks around with a satisfied grin).

EXT - It is now evening and the Aerodrome is being bombed. There are explosions of smoke all around. The camera pans across to show Philip looking up at the sky, a pilot runs towards him.
Pilot: For god's sake man, run!
Philip: Just a moment! Give me those! (Snatches binoculars from pilot).
Philip: (Looking up at the sky through binoculars) Yes! Yes, there on that bomb! 'Dear Philip, I am Hans, I fly hawkers but prefer doyens and I too love the Spurs and the Rambling. Write soon. PS - you're last bomb destroyed my home village. Good shot!'
Philip is following the bomb as it falls towards the ground. Bomb explodes where he is standing.

Alexei Sayle: (Walking through smoke) It was remarkable correspondence. A friendship, in spite of war, but sadly was also rather dependant on war. Eventually, Philip was court-marshalled for sending Hans a transcript of an entire seasons worth of Spurs programmes, and wiping out Stuttgart in the process. It was 1951.
Philip stands to attention and salutes as music fades


Click for more screenshots of Philip Arthurs


Mash & Peas do the USA - Channel 4's Sitcom Weekend
Way back in 1997 Mark, Steve and Reece took part in Channel 4's sitcom weekend by appearing in three spoof sketches, written by fellow comics David Walliams and Matt Lucas.

Reece and Steve performed in the sketch Seinfeld, an obvious spoof of the popular US sitcom of the same name. Reece donned a curious American accent to play Jerry Berkowi and Steve was the mad French chef Fritz. Reece also featured in the sketch My Gay Dads as a typical American jock called Brad. This sketch spoofs the popular 80's US sitcom 'My Two Dads'. Finally, Mark appeared in Only Jerks and Horses - a comical look at how the US would have remade the British 'Only Fools and Horses'. Mark plays the part of Trigger, who - unlike the original version of the character - is intelligent and rich.


More screenshots of the sketches


The Friday Night Armistice - New Labour
This BBC2 show (written by Armando Iannucci) featured Steve in a comedy sketch satirising New Labour. He played a New Labour campaigner, here's a transcript:

EXT - New Labour MP walks towards a building with his briefcase followed by the camera crew who he waves and smiles at.
MP V/O: I'm the MP for this area and I tend to get people up around... 6:20... am. (MP checks his watch then picks up a megaphone)
MP: (Shouting through megaphone) New All Britain! New All Britain! (Camera zooms out, the man is standing on the top floor of a block of flats shouting the slogan).
INT - Man walks past some people sitting down and smiles.
MP V/O: We have our surgery here every fortnight, and it's always great fun.
(MP is sitting at a desk opposite a man)
MP: Well thanks very much and goodbye! (Holds out hand, the man takes it and kisses it)
(MP is sitting opposite a woman now)
MP: So, er what can I do for you?
Woman: Well, we haven't really got a problem. My husband and I think you're all doing such magnificent work here, we'd like to give you something as a thank you.
(Camera zooms out to show a young girl sitting next to the woman)
Woman: So, um, we wondered if you'd accept our daughter? (Daughter stands up)
MP: Oh, that's lovely!
Woman: She is a virgin.
MP: How thoughtful of you. (Points to a corner with other girls standing there) If you'd like to go and stand over there.



The Dwelling Place - Bowmer the Butler
Mark's penchant for imitating accents was brought to the forefront when he played the walk-on part of Bowmer the Irish butler, in the ITV adaptation of Catherine Cookson's novel 'The Dwelling Place'. Mark exchanged the following dialogue with the main character
Lord Fischel, played by James Fox:

(Fischel wanders out of his room and spots Bowmer lurking by the stairs)
Fischel: Bowmer? Do we have visitors?
Bowmer: (Walking towards him) Not that I know of Sir.
Fischel: Then who's leaving?
Bowmer: I don't rightly know, sir.
(Fischel eyes Bowmer suspiciously. Bowmer sighs wearily)
Bowmer: I only know that Morris was given orders last night to 'stand by'.
(Fischel thinks for a moment then hurries away)


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