Way back in May 2000, the now defunct digital channel UK Play held a League Of Gentlemen Weekend. Series One was shown on Saturday 27th of May and Series Two aired back-to-back on Sunday 28th of May. In between the episodes were specially recorded links by Jeremy, Mark, Reece and Steve. Summaries of the links have been transcribed below...

SERIES 1 - Introduction
All four Gents walk through a huge wooden door, except Mark who turns to the camera.
Mark: (Dr Chinnery voice) Hello!
We're The League Of Gentlemen, and this is our home. Welcome to UK Play's League Of Gentlemen weekend. Over the next two days, we'll being showing both of the first two series of The League Of Gentlemen. Starting, not unnaturally with the very, very first episode.
(Looking around suspiciously) Who are you talking to?
Mark: No-one...
Reece: (Walking back inside) I've put the kettle on.
Mark closes the door and turns to flash a Hilary Briss style grin!

EPISODE 1 - Advert Break
Reece walks out of the wooden door munching on a biscuit.
Reece: Join us after the break, for the second half of tonight's first episode.
He looks around dubiously

Reece: (Does the Geoff voice) Well come in if you're coming!

EPISODE 2 - Beginning
Mark, Steve and Reece in a dungeon. Reece is strapped to the wall behind. Mark and Steve are in the foreground clinging to the cell bars, Steve is wearing a mask and generally acting like a psycho.
Mark: Hello. Glad you could finally join us in our League of Gentlemen weekend here on UK Play. In a moment, Episode Two of Series One, but first... Reece and I, are going to have a little chat.

Pulls on leather Glove. Mark and Steve tickle a screaming Reece.

EPISODE 2 - Advert Break
Back to the cell where Mark and Steve are still tickling Reece with fairy wands.
Reece: Join us after the break, for more of Episode Two.

They carry on tickling and laughing.

EPISODE 3 - Beginning
Still in the dungeon. Jeremy is tied up looking either dead or unconscious. Steve is in front of him holding a fairy wand.
Steve: Hello! Welcome back. I hope you've got a nice glass of warm aqua vita ready, because we're about to enter the nightmare of Royston Vasey. So as we start to watch Episode Three, prepare to see the magic of the League!
Waves wand "bing!" and turns Jeremy into a toy toad.
Steve: There you go Jeremy! Serves you right for being so egregious.

EPISODE 3 - Advert Break
Close-up of the toy toad. Jeremy's voice is heard and the toad moves so that it seems like Jeremy is the toy toad.
Jeremy's voice: After the break, part two of 'Nightmare in Royston Vasey'.

EPISODE 4 - Beginning
Reece and Mark in a gloomy room lit by candles.
Reece: Welcome to Episode Four, the 'Beast of Royston Vasey'. And a visit from Legz Akimbo Theatre Company. (Puts on Ollie Glasses) Great!
Mark coughs up a rubber snake.

Reece: Aaagh, not again
They both snigger.

EPISODE 4 - Advert Break
All four are in Queen 'Bohemian Rhapsody' pose.
Reece: Stay tuned, for the second part of Episode Four.

EPISODE 5 - Beginning
Steve and Jeremy are standing in the candlelit room, Steve is praying.
Jeremy: Coming up - Episode Five of the first series of The League Of Gentlemen 'Love Comes to Royston Vasey'. Which demonstrates how the best comedy, holds a mirror up to life.
Steve finishes praying, crosses himself and bumps into a mirror then does a mime and leaves.

EPISODE 5 - Advert Break
All four are in Bohemian Rhapsody pose again.
Jeremy: Stay tuned for the second half of Episode Five

EPISODE 6 - Beginning
A dark tunnel. We hear Mark speak in a ghostly tone.
Mark: Ah, there you are. I was wondering where you got to.
Mark appears in front of the camera.
Mark: Now, it is finished. Episode Six of Season one of The League Of Gentlemen 'Escape from Royston Vasey'.

EPISODE 6 - Advert Break
Bohemian Rhapsody pose yet again!
Mark: Coming up. Second half, Episode Six. Woooooow!

SERIES 1 - Ending
Steve walks through a wooden doorway holding the toy toad.
Steve: Erm hi... er sorry, you're gonna have to go home now because Jeremy says we've all got to go to bed. But do come back tomorrow, same time, and you can see the second series of The League Of Gentlemen. We've got all these kind of characters -
Jeremy: (shouts in stern, fatherly way) Steven!
Steve: Yeah sorry, I'm going to have to go. (Turns and walks back inside) Yeah I'm coming Jeremy...

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