SERIES 2 - Introduction
All four Gents are sitting down wearing glasses. Reece, Mark and Jeremy are discussing politics whilst Steve plays with a stuffed toy toad in the foreground.
Reece: Yeah, but Mark you can't ask the government to be a council , you just can't.

Yeah, but that's the point, the whole principle of democracy's wrong.
Mark: Yes, bu-
Steve: Shut up! They're doing a play!
All three are quiet and stare at the camera grinning

Steve: Sorry about that. Welcome back to UK Play's 'League of Gentlemen Weekend'. You're about to see the first episode of the Second Series, which is called-ed 'Destination: Royston Vasey'. It has a very frikening performance from Papa Lazarou, a circus man who plays himself. (Looks at the toy toad) Harvey doesn't like him, do you Harvey? (Puts the toy toad's hands over it's eyes and makes a cute frightened noise).

EPISODE 1 - Advert Break
Steve is in a candlelit room.

Steve: After the break, part two of Papa Lazarou in 'Destination: Royston Vasey'.

EPISODE 2 - Beginning
Mark, Reece and Steve (with toy toad on his lap) are sitting at the back of the room, rocking back and forth, as if cavorting with Madam Palm and her five lovely daughters. Jeremy is in the foreground holding what looks like a recorder.
Jeremy: Coming up, Episode Two of the second series of The League of Gentlemen - the infamous sex episode. Look out for the cameo from Wendy Craig in the orgy scene.

Steve wipes his hand on a tissue and Reece lets out a strangled grunt, then clears his throat.

EPISODE 2 - Advert Break
Jeremy is in a candlelit room.
Jeremy: After the break, part two of 'Lust for Royston Vasey'.

EPISODE 3 - Beginning
Steve, Mark and Jeremy are acting like zombies in a gloomy corridor. Reece runs through fighting them off whilst wearing the Mask of Zorro.
Reece: And now Episode Three, 'A Plague on Royston Vasey'; an episode which proves that the pen is truly mightier than the sword!
Steve and Mark growl and grab Reece who's shouting and screaming

EPISODE 3 - Advert Break
Reece is in a candlelit room wearing his Mask of Zorro.
Reece: Stay tuned for the second half of 'A Plague on Royston Vasey'.
Pulls a rubber snake out of his jacket and screams.

EPISODE 4 - Beginning
Mark is standing in a dark tunnel speaking to the camera as if presenting a history programme.
Mark: The Battle of Knaseby, proved to be, the decisive conflict of the Civil War.
Mark suddenly stops and looks confused.

Mark: Oh sorry. Er, now Episode Four: 'Death in Royston Vasey'.

EPISODE 4 - Advert Break
All four are in Queen 'Bohemian Rhapsody' pose.
Steve: More madness after these messages.

EPISODE 5 - Beginning
Mark is dressed like a weird creature in a blonde wig, with pink ears and flashing red nose. He tries to escape from a cell but Reece appears and pushes him back in.
Reece: Back! Back!
Reece turns to the camera and he is wearing a Hitler moustache and comedy glasses.

Reece: And now for Episode Five, 'Anarchy in Royston Vasey'.
Mark: And cue the music. (Points to the camera)

EPISODE 5 - Advert Break
Mark is still dressed in the wig, ears and nose, and is holding a box of Crème Brulee.
Mark: Hello I'm Anne. After the break, more Creme Brulee.

EPISODE 6 - Beginning
Jeremy is tucking Mark, Steve and Reece (who are acting like children) up in bed.
Jeremy: So that's all we've got time for on The League of Gentlemen UK Play Weekend.
Mark, Steve and Reece: Awwwww, Jeremy!
Jeremy: Alright, one more episode. Which one?
All three: Episode Six! Episode Six!
Reece: It's the one where Legz Akimbo come back!

Mark: Yeah!

Steve: And they have the wedding in the shop.
Mark: (Really excited) Andthenosebleedsandthemanandeverything!
Jeremy: Don't spoil it! Alright, Episode Six it is.
Mark, Steve and Reece giggle excitedly.

EPISODE 6 - Advert Break
Mark is in a candlelit room.
Mark: Coming up after the break, the second half of Episode Six: 'Royston Vasey and the Monster From Hell'.

SERIES 2 - Ending
All four Gents are tucked up in the bed. Reece is wearing a Santa hat and Mark is holding a toy duck. Steve's face is hidden by the toy toad he is holding up.
Mark: Well that's it. Thanks for watching UK Play's League of Gentlemen Weekend. Stay tuned for some more delights. And remember (points dramatically) the world shall hear from us again... (In a high-pitched voice) Goodbye!

They all start waving at the camera.

Steve: (His face appearing from behind the toad) Bye!
Reece: Night night.
Jeremy: (Mumbling) Goodnight.
Jeremy, Mark and Steve pretend to fall sleep, leaving Reece still waving at the camera. Mark buries his head under Reece's chin and snores loudly, as Reece scrunches up his face and continues waving.

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