Winner: Marilyn Manson 'Tainted Love'
Presented by: The League Of Gentlemen's Steve Pemberton & Jeremy Dyson.

What do you think about picking up the award on behalf of Manson?

Jeremy Dyson: "Shall we just pretend we won? Okay. Hey, we're winners, baby! We'd definitely like to get in touch with Mr Manson's make-up artists. He looks like we do when we're changing from one character to another."

What was going through your mind as you were going onstage?

Jeremy: "We were told that it was a very serious affair and that we should respect the rock."
Steve Pemberton: "We were going to do a joke about putting together a 'League Of Gentlemen' tribute band. Who would play Herr Lipp? Brian Molko, of course."

What's the plan for the rest of the evening?

Jeremy: "We're pacing ourselves."
Steve: "I'm not! I'm on Absinthe."

Any message for the Kerrang! readers?

Jeremy: Er... I think you should ask some real stars this question."


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