FHM - AUGUST 30, 2002


The League of Gentlemen - Third Series of the deranged Royston Vasey-based cult Brit Comedy.
Starring: Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss. Starting: BBC 2 Sept/Oct

Rating: 8/10

Praise the dark lord, it's a mind-mangling return to form for Auntie's twisted little helpers.

Scribbled at the end of last year, rehearsed (in London's glamorous East Finchley) in the spring and shot "up north" this summer, the
latest instalment of the Beeb's sickest comedy is shaping up to be a corker. And there's good news if you thought the last series was a teensy bit bollocks compared to the first: you're not entirely alone...

"We felt a fault with the second series was it was a bit too gothic", says Reece Shearsmith, one of the three main League players. "It went too far into horror, so we're trying to bring this back down to real people and their horrors trapped in the mundane stuff of real life. I think that's what we do best."

Cruelly keeping tight-lipped about which classic characters they've killed off (FHM can however, reveal that no less than three favourites have been binned for series three), the League will at least admit to one new face...

"Dr Carlton is a new character that we all find really funny" says Reece. "Steve (Pemberton, co-writer) plays him in Episode One - he just won't treat patients and assumes they are all lying about their ailments. We were all cracking up."

Inspired by the popularity of their acclaimed Christmas Special ("the new stuff is more like that - more story-led than before" says third League mainstay Mark Gatiss) the word is that the League are back at the top of their game. And that series three could just be the best yet...


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