'The League of Gentlemen' returns to British TV screens for a third BBC2 series on September 26. The good news for fans of the cult TV show is that life in Royston Vasey is getting ever more bizarre, according to co-writers Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss, Jeremy Dyson and Reece Shearsmith. "The new series is really seedy," Pemberton promises Kerrang. "There's a lot of dirty sex in it, a lot of dysfunction." "We think the new series is very warm-hearted though," adds Dyson. "But then our concept of warm-hearted doesn't appear to be the same as anyone else's."

The new series promises to be slightly different, in that each episode focuses on one central character's story, "like (cult children's TV show) `Trumpton' for the sick", notes Dyson. And a host of new Royston Vasey inhabitants are set to make their small screen debuts. Among the characters that the writers consider will become Kerrang! readers' favourites are Daddy ("A suburban sex guru, whose games at the B&B go somewhat awry," reveals Dyson. "An odd man!"); Neds ("An adult baby, a bit backward. He's made himself a `Knightrider' car in the mistaken belief that he can go out and solve crimes"); Terry Christian ("a religious door-to-door pamphleteer who looks exactly like Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper"); Dr Carlton ("a doctor who withholds his prescriptions for special favours and looks like a cross between Laurence Olivier in 'Marathon Man' and 'The Simpsons'' Mr Burns. It's a look we needed to explore") and the Soft Debt Collectors ("as debt collectors they're completely ineffectual, just useless. Barry appears to be wearing a Frankie Goes To Hollywood cap a lot of the time").

In next week's issue, the Gents examine The 20 Most Ludicrous Events In Rock.

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