Kristian Digby found himself in a strange and mysterious town which looked rather like Royston Vasey, but surely it couldn't be? Well actually, he'd just wandered onto the set of The League Of Gentlemen as they were filming an episode of the upcoming series in London. The League Of Gentlemen consists of four guys who have successfully gone from stand up comedy, to writing and starring in their own TV show. This is how we end up in the bizarre world of inbred's, which is made up of characters such as a pre-op transsexual cab driver, a sinister butcher and a sadistic restart officer.

Kristian managed to grab a couple of the gents for a chat in between filming to ask just how they go about making gay comedy. Mark Gatiss, AKA Phil, commented that being gay himself he tends to move away from pushing his 'gayness' to the forefront, preferring to try and keep his characters in no way clichéd. (Although he says this whilst dressed in a totally camp outfit with his hair expertly styled!)

Reece Shearsmith on the other hand is happy to push things a little further. He believes that although there are always going to be people who get offended, the actors have a ' get out clause' to some extent, justifying their brashness by disassociation. 'No I didn't say that - it's the character's opinion!' Reece also admits that you have to be slightly weird to dream up such odd characters, but comments that the gents' madness is in their work rather than in their real lives... and yeah, we believe him don't we?

Just to add the perfect end to a rather fun day, our Kristian was given a shot at the big time. Yes, he was given a walk on part in one of the upcoming episodes of The League of Gentlemen. Make sure you look out for him!

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Thanks to Maria for the article


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