One of the finest - and certainly freakiest- TV comedies of recent times is back with a new series. Steve Pemberton (aka Tubbs) talks to Chris Longridge through the new characters.

Dougal, Kenny, Shelley and Oshi -
Christopher Ecclestone is our guest star, playing Dougal Siepp, who used to be in business with Kenny, at the the front. Kenny runs a dog cinema and they had a falling out because Siepp is into cats and started to show films that had cat influences. Reece and me play Kenny's employees Shelley and Oshi, who's a Japanese film projectionist.

Tish -
Tish is shit backwards (er, almost), which wasn't deliberate. She's a fag hag, she loves gay guys. She's posh and she's 'been to India and shit? And it's amazing? And everything's a question?' I had to shave my belly to play her. If you go to Camden and throw a rock you'll hit someone like her with a floppy hat and crystals. So please do.

Dean Tavoularis -
That's his stage name, which he's obviously chosen because he thinks it sounds showbiz. He's a street magician, Royston Vasey's answer to David Blaine. But he's doing it to pensioners on their way to buy some bin bags or something. They pick a card and then by the time he's done the trick, they've forgotten what the card was.

Daddy -
Mark calls him the Klingon Ambassador just because of his look. He comes to the B&B in Royston Vasey to give a demonstration of his sex device 'The Medusa'. He sounds a bit like a seedier Jonathon Ross, if you can imagine that. 'Twust your Daddy...Do not be afwaid my child' You can't tell in this picture, but I actually wore a bra.

Don Lynch -
This is probably the closest we've ever come to copying a real person. Out stage manager on tour was a guy called Don, and Irish guy who was one part Long John Silver, one part Frank Carson, and one part Tony Soprano. He was jovial but would have dark days. We went to Belfast and he was like 'Ah, lot o' coddins...'

Keith Drop -
We realised that Vinnie and Reenie, who run the charity shop, were basically the same character and were a bit hard on the ears, so we replaced Vinnie with Keith. He's a camp man who's into amateur dramatics and he's doing a production of The Diary Of Anne Frank, which Pam Doove gets involved with. Playing a Nazi.

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Transcribed by Dave & Scans from Gail


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