By Chica



I was sitting down to watch 'Dead of Night' on Film Four Christmas Eve when what should appear on my lovely television screen? 'The Cicerones' - a short film written and directed by Jeremy Dyson, starring Mark Gatiss. Almost broke my leg running for the video control and got the lot! That was a stroke of luck - it wasn't written on any of the schedules (short films are generally ignored) and I had been trying to discover when the damn thing would be on.  
It was very good, excellent use of washed out greys and the whole film looked like it was encased in ice. Mark's character was so quintessentially English that even I wanted to kill him, but then that is the point! I swear I spotted Herr Lipp's paramour Justin in there as well, alongside two children and a rather out of place American sailor. One minor quibble - there was too much action crammed into such a short film, so there was little time to create much of an atmosphere. The ghostly apparitions were too obviously just that from their first appearance. But with a film that is so very short that is inevitable. The Church itself was stunning.
So, well done Mr Dyson! And for all those with Film Four I am certain it will be repeated again. Check the official website or another listings channel that includes the short films.




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