The Real Comedy Terrorists

What are you drinking?
Steve: It's one part water, one part champagne and three parts wine.
Jeremy: I'm only drinking water. Tell you what: I'd love a cup of tea.

What's your stand-out moment of the night?
Mark: Scott Walker. What a coup! The man's a genius.
Jeremy: I don't know whether he's had some work done, but he looked very good.
Steve: My stand-out moment was talking about Kevin Rowland when he was standing right next to me.

What did you say?
Jeremy: That he was a big Brummie poof.
teve: No, I said he wore dresses and we wore dresses, which was why we were presenting him with the award. But I don't think he quite understood who we were.

You're working on a League movie. Will The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's release confuse people?
Jeremy: We were hoping they'd buy the name off us for thousands of pounds.
Mark: The film has been very indifferently received and hopefully it'll disappear quickly. Wearing my bitter sleeve for a moment, I must say it's unbe-fucking-lievable that we weren't even asked to the premiere.

Where's you fourth member, Reece Shearsmith tonight?
Steve: He's hiding in Robert Smith's hair.

Transcribed by Jules


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