SERIES 1 - Hidden Audio Clips

On the title screen go to 'Precious Things' then select 'Local People'. Pick any character and highlight the 'Local People' option then press the left arrow button on your remote. You will hear an audio clip from that particular character.

SERIES 2 - Behind the Scenes footage

Insert Disk 2 and go to 'Missing' then press left and you will get a screen with a phone on it. Use the phone to dial 444 4244 (the number of Pop's rented flat). When you do this, Papa Lazarou will appear on the screen. Press the number you have entered at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken to some special stuff.

SERIES 3 - Steve Pemberton's Video Diary

Insert Disk 1 and wait until a St Christopher appears where the number 1 symbol is (situated bottom right), this should take about 3 minutes. Click on the new symbol or use your remote and the video diary will play.


1) Go to 'Stocking Fillers' and press left on 'Tales from Behind the Crypt' to highlight the key. Press select and enter 'Prawn Toast' as the password. You will then be able to see extra raw footage of the Gents' horror film.

2) Go to the audio set-up page and note a small oval-shaped decoration in the centre of the screen directly beneath the widescreen image. At the start, this oval is blank but after a few seconds a number appears within it. Highlight the oval and press select, and you can now view three camera angles of Steve Pemberton's line-dancing performance. You can switch between these shots using the angle button on your remote.



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