KEY: K = Kristian, M = Mark, R = Reece

Section 1 - Interview with Mark

K: You're filming a new series of The League of Gentlemen…
M: Yes.
… and today, I saw you have a new female friend. Who is she?
M: She's called Tish… erm… Leticia Lucas. She's actually an old character, and she features in the…er…live show. And she's a fag hag.

[Insert of Tish/Phill from series 3]

K: Now, you're a gay guy yourself…
Me? No, I'm not, no!
No, go on, there you go! Do you think that gives an insight into, kind of, developing characters sometimes, that maybe the other guys don't have?
Erm… I don't know, to be honest…
I mean, you're playing a gay character today, aren't you?
Mm, I am, yeah.
So do you think, "I can push this, this far?"
Well, no, I suppose if I feel anything, it's actually to make this character in no way clichéd. He says, dressing like this! [Phill's series 3 outfit] [Both laugh] Do you know what I mean?
Of course, you've never seen a stereotyped gay man dressed like this.
Well, I don't think it is, I think I try very carefully. I get to keep these clothes, I like them!
Where would you go if you were going to go out tonight, dressed like that?
I would probably ask you out, Kristian!
Oh, do you know, I mean… The Sanderson Hotel, The Savoy? I mean, I dunno, where would you go like that? Maybe GAY?
You think so?
I think possibly that would be…
Well, I tell you what, certainly not fucking Camden Town! [Laughs]


Section 2 - Interview with Reece

K: Do you ever worry about offending people? I mean, you know, coz some people always miss the joke?
R: Yeah.
K: Like the gay character Herr Lipp?
R: Yeah yeah yeah, paedophile…
K: Do you think some gay guys sit there and think, "That's so outrageous, I'm not like that."
R: Yeah. [Insert from Herr Lipp series 2] We always think that there's a get-out clause, coz it's the character that just is… like Bernice, the vicar I do that's really just absolutely horrible, and says horrible things about everyone. [Does the voice] Disabled people are arrogant! I mean, how do you get away with that? But you see, it's her opinion, it's that kind of… you know, I just think that we justify it through…
K: Disassociation.
R: Disassociation, yeah.
K: It wasn't me, it was the character.
R: Yeah, it's not me!
R: I didn't say a thing!

[Insert of Tubbs and Edward, series 2]

K: I'm sorry, I still think you've gotta be slightly twisted and sick to come up with some of those characters.
R: Erm… [laughs] The answer is yes. I don't know really. I think, people think we are, as a group of people, quite normal in real life.
K: You're quite normal?
K: Yeah. But I think the odd thing about us is that we are normal. Coz, you know, we know quite a few showbizzy friends…famous… not really, but we do a little bit, and they're all weird, and quite odd, and I think that our madness is in our work.

Transcribed by Nat


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