BBC2 'JOOLS HOLLAND' - March, 2001

KEY: JH = Jools Holland, M = Mark, R = Reece, J = Jeremy

JH: It's The League Of gentlemen! Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson. Gentlemen, we're very excited to have you here. Now, you are all on tour, I believe?
: Yeah, that's right. We've just finished three weeks at the Theatre Royal -
M: Six Weeks!
R: Six Weeks...
M: Seems like three! (Laughs) Six weeks, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
JH: And have you found the characters that you will be utilising?
M: All tonight, on the way in here.
R: We've had lots of people coming dressed as our characters, which is quite strange.
M: The new Rocky Horror Show... I'm sad to say. (Laughs)
JH: Now how would you describe Royston Vasey to the uninitiated? Somebody who hasn't ever visited it, how would you describe that enchantment?
J: Actually, at the moment it's probably one of the healthiest places in England, there's no foot and mouth there. It's er, it's a very special place.
JH: I mean every town in Britain, erm, has some sort of musical talent. What's Royston Vasey's kind of talent?
J: It's the home of Creme Brulee. It's an inspiring place for any musician.
JH: Yes, I think it would be. And how about here tonight, is there anybody you're particularly keen on?
M: We were worried about this because it's like a competition now -
JH: No, I'm just interested in your tastes. What sort of music do you like?
M: When you said Clear Lake, we thought it was Cleo Lane.
JH: Well we'll get her on, would you like to see her?
R: Yes, very much so.
M: Yep, Cleo and Johnny.
JH: Yeah.
M: I'm a big fan of Rufus Wraignwrite, who I believe you've had on tonight, or some time...
JH: Yes, that's true.
JH: Do you know Johnny Dankgrove did the music to 'Tomorrow's World'?
M: No?
R: Did he really?
JH: Yeah, he did the old music
(They start humming the tune)
JH: What a memorable tune, and it really is modern! I don't know why they got rid of it.
M: Did Cleo do the 'ba ba ba'? (Laughs)
JH: She might have done. Well, The League Of Gentlemen, thank you very much for joining us and we look forward to seeing you on tour. And I look forward to visiting Royston Vasey!

Transcribed by Katie


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